Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Hey ya!
ok, today I'm doing something a bit different

For the many of you that I have lead here through instagram, this is a poem a wrote last year when I was feeling really alone. Most in which I have brought here because you are suffering of depression, and many self harmers. I'm so sorry I feel for you. And I want you to know even if I don't know you, I care, I really do. I hope my words will help you in some way. It made me really upset to see how many people were suffering, and I wanted to do something.


A light inside the darkness
A star that burns the night
Someone to wash away the tears
to know all is right

A brightly colored painting
Inside a blackened room
The soldier thats left standing
to fight for all the doomed

A wall thats there to block you
From all evil and all dark
To sooth your everlasting scars
without leaving a mark

Sometimes it will be hard to find
sometimes its hard to care
but all you really truly need
 is the belief that it is there

A light inside the darkness
A star that burns the night
Someone to show the hope within
To know that all is right

Hope this helps. It'll be alright

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Random Thoughts . . .


Ok, I'm sad, because I still have absolutely ZERO FOLLOERS! So, assuming that I am writing into space, her goes the post . . .

Have you ever thought much about how your seen by the world? Ever had one of those days where you really truly start to think about it?

As a soon-to-be-teen, I've noticed that in life, people always have to have a classification for you. You have to be the nerd, the popular queen, the quiet girl, the fashionista, the artist, the tomboy, the laughable unfocuse lover, the dancer, and so on. But what I'm none of those things? Or what if I'm all of them?

I've never really defined myself as popular or girly. I'v sometimes thought if myself as a tomboy deep down under, but I don't think anyone would ever see that crazy, dirty side of myself anymore unless they really came to know me well. Nerdy . . . somewhat, but I doubt that's the first word that comes to mind when you first talk to me unless Harry Potter comes up in conversation. Quiet? Unless you just met me or know me from dance, it's hardly the word any of my friends wuld describe me as. laughable and unfocused? Quite. But I have a very stressed and serious side to myself too. I'm not exceptionaly good at any of my reconized hobbies or sports, and most people don't even know I write. So who the heck am I?

Now, I realize, that all my time trying to figure this out was wasted. It has always been right in front of my nose this entire time.

I used to, and still sometimes, made the mistake of trying to put myself under a classification. But at the end of the day, I have to remember that I'm just ME. People can tell me what I am and what I'm not. I can tell myself what I am and what I'm not, but no classification will ever be right. You can tell me I'm cool. You can tell me I'm a nerd. You can tell me I 'm arrogant. You can tell me I'm funny. But unless there's a catagory labeled Kristin, your never going to
set me  in  the right spot.


Monday, October 8, 2012

First Post!!!!!

Hey ya! Kristin is here!

Okay. first blog post..... What to do?

First of all, lets start off with what the heck is going to be posted here. Life. Writing. Photos. Ramblings Whatever! The bazaar randomness of Kristin M. I would highly not suggest following this blog if you just can't put up with quirks like me, myself, and I. :) YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

For those of you who don't know who this strange person is behind the scenes, it is in fact I..... the chosen one.... the wizard of oz.... the girl on fire....the...  

No, not really. Its just me, good ol' typical Kristin. The harry potter obsesser, the coldplay lover, the writer, the poet, the painter, the hunter, the ballerina, the random, the bookworm, the not-so-quite, the flutist, the tree hugger, the stresser, the laughable, the....

Okay so maybe not so typical.

But enough of my own ramblings!

Actually I am sorry to say I really do have nothing but ramblings for today. But I guess I could give you some more interesting ramblings:

nine things you should know about me before following this blog:
1. I AM A RAMBLER(have you noticed?)
2. I have an unhealthy addiction to Harry Potter and that may be the only thing you ever hear about for periods of time.
3. I also have another blog, K's Journal, and I'd very highly appreciate it if you followed that too, due to my pathetic lack of followers. Now. Teehee!
4. Half of the words I use in my postings will most likely be either spelled wrong or made up. I am quite aware.
5. The expressions 'WHOOHOO', or 'TEEHEE' will for certain be over used. You can blame Camp Huston and Nigahiga for that.
6. I looooooove comments! 'hint hint'
7.  Some days I will feel more random or thoughtful than others, and yes, it both sides are in fact the same person speaking as far as I know (:
8. Actually, I only have eight things... or seven, I don't know.

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